Friday, May 15, 2009

Good morning to all~and Happy Friday!!
It seems like so long since I've posted any thing...oh yeah, it has!!
It was a wonderful time in Alabama, with my brother, and his family! They have a beautiful new home! Texas was amazing! My sister's graduation, was marvelous, and she was too! Her hubby, is the sweetest! He had a lot on his plate, being the hostess for all the family,and friends that were living, and visiting the house!! He truly is wonderful!!
I got back just in time to do Mother's Day at Jewel, and graduation for I.S.U. at the same time! It was crazy busy! I'm extremely shocked at the public, and how demanding they are! We live in such a world of fast food, and they expect, every thing to be done like that!! I was amazed at how many folks, thought they were the only person in the entire store, when it came to what they wanted-or should I say NEEDED?!! It really makes me stop and think, before I speak, when I'm out, shopping!!
Notice the 2 cards above? I'm still working on you can tell! These are just 2 of the cards, out of 4 that I will be teaching, for the class at Scrapbook Friendz May 31st! It's all about weddings!! Who doesn't need cards for that?!! Hope to get a good group of stampers for this class!!
It is good to be back in Illinois, although, I miss my family!! Hope all of you are doing well! Please drop me a note, after reading this. I always love to hear from you!!
Have a great Friday~

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