Friday, July 17, 2009

Hello every one! It's Friday again...and I have missed the boat again on posting every week! So sorry!
It has been a wonderfully busy last week. You know, as I have talked about it before...A-muse-a-palooza took place at our local Scrapbook Friendz store in Bloomington. It was a huge even, where there were dedicated stampers involved for all the 3 classes that were held! Sales were good, and the friends that I met, were so fun! We had a real good time-making Christmas stamps in July! This even was hosted by my fav stamp company from Seattle Washington-A Muse!! They release all their 2009 Christmas stamps, and everyone goes wild for them!! Yes, including moi`!! Notice the right hand side of this blog-it's all about that company!! :) It was a great week! I would do it again in a heart beat!
More exciting news...have you heard about Copic markers? They are the "Cadillac" of the marker world, in my eyes. I use them all the time, and want to always know more about them. I did some investigating, and found their website, and applied to try to get certified with them. I filled out my application and sent 3 samples of my work to them. Patiently waiting for a response (not real patient, if you know me) AND HEARD FROM THEM LAST WEEK =I'M EXCEPTED INTO THE PROGRAM! What this means, is that I take their all day class, learning to do coloring, and air-brushing, and different techniques with these fab pens, and get this:
I will be on THEIR web site, so any one who wants to learn, can email me directly to set up a class for me to come teach!!! How cool is that?! I'm pretty stoked! That is huge honor for me!!
Any who-Hope you all are having a great summer, and enjoying life!!

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