Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Happy Tuesday to ya!
We had the best Saturday, ever!! In our small community, we attended a Wild Game Feed. This is for all those men (mostly) that go out, and hunt for food and some for the thrill! Yes, you call them Bambi killers or what ever. If you have never tried venison...don't knock it until you have tried it...in many ways! It is delicious!! It is much better for you than regular hamburger. It has hardly any fat, and it's better for your heart!
Any way, I tried all kinds of different meet that day, all prepared in several different ways. My fav of the day is Dove. Yes, Dove, the bird! Some say it taste like liver, but it's so good!!
It was a very hard event to go to that day. Since I have been dating my husband, we have gone to this, every year. My father-in-law, Gary,has always sat beside me. As some of you know, he passed away in August of 2009. This was the first game feed we were on our own. A very good friend of both of ours, and like another son to Gary, was there, and feeling the same dark cloud over his head as well. I was so glad he was there! He and my hubby talked some, and encouraged one another! I created this card for him...thanking him for being there for Harold! What a deer friend he is to both of us!!
We miss & love you Gary, but know you are in a MUCH better place today!!
**Remember to cherish those who are around you today ~cause you never know how long you have to enjoy them on this earth!!
Hugs & stamp ya later
this card was made with distress ink for the back round "camo" look
perm ink for the image
stamp by: Stampablilities

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