Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hello and happy Saturday!!

It is going to be a hot one out doors today. 93 is what they are calling for w/ 100% humidity! Whewwwwwwwwwwwww...going to be keep in cool today! I think it would be a good "river" day!

I mentioned that we will be moving before the snow falls. (we hope) My mother-in-law and us, are just swapping houses. That means she will be moving in town here in Gridley, and we will be moving to the country...address changed to Lexington. Those of you who know our fave little dinner place-Green Gables-we will be not quite 2 miles North of there. The property we will be living on is about 12 acres w/ the Mackinaw river that we will have access to, all the time! Great fishing and hunting and just chillin in the sun and water!! It has been a long waiting process so far. Harold's mom is doing a lot of remodeling in this house, and I've been busy packing up everything and moving it to the other house's basement. It's coming a long quite well so far.

Who doesn't like Chinese food-or at least the treat at the end of the meal?! I created this card for a good friend of mine, that just happens to be "oriental". She is such a doll, and needed some encouragement lately-check it out!!
She emailed me yesterday w/ delight that the had received it, and loved it! Thanks P!!
May you all have a great weekend and my luck be on your side!!
Thanks for stoppin by...until next time...
Stamp ya later!!

all stamps by: A Muse & the black /white paper

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