Friday, March 04, 2011

Good morning and Happy happy Friday!!!!
I've been BURSTING at the seams to share some thing with all of you!! Are you ready? Are you sitting down?

You KNOW my all time FAVORITE rubber stamp company is...A MUSE, right? Well~they have JUST launched a new-brand spanking NEW website and it's
What does this mean to YOU?
First and for most-you can order any of the products you see in the catalog-directly THROUGH ME!!!
Secondly-you can get a group of your crafty friends together and have a party, so you can reap the benefits through their sales!
Thirdly-sign up to sell, along with me, and you too, will be rewarded by your sales as well!
Isn't this exciting?!!!
* What are you waiting for-contact me from here, or

I'd love to share my love of stamping with you and your friends!!!!
Until next time~stamp ya later!!


  1. Hey Sonnie!! Awesome about getting to order the products through you! We'll look at their website soon. Love you, most wonderful stamper of all!! :)

  2. Hi Sonja. So happy that you will be selling Amuse Stamps. This is such exciting news. The Amuse website is awesome--such cute stamps.