Saturday, November 26, 2011

Have ya all had enough to eat over this weekend?! It's been great not watching what you eat-hasn't it?! The season of great snacks are on us now- trying to exercise more and watch what I'm taking in-So hard!!
  I'm still producing Christmas cards for a friend of mine. Here is another one. This kind of reminds me of our own home-in the woods-minus the snow (as of yet)
I love the paper combo. Wood~sy and could be manly as well!!
 The circle stamp is from the old A Muse-but still in love w/ it-as well as all of their older ones too.  I added a touch of the new glitter on the snow flakes, snow line around the cabin and on the roof too. This glitter is fabulous and it's called: diamond. It is so sparkly!!!  It does remind me of Snow glistening in the sun! 
  Thanks for stopping by today! Drop me a line or 2. It's been a while since I heard from a few of you!!
 Stamp ya later!!

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