Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Mornin to you!
  2 weeks from Christmas!!! I know you didn't need a reminder *wink*
  I'm still makin Christmas cards. Im trying to use those rubbers stamps that haven't been touched in a few years. They are finally getting sum luv! :)
  Last week I decieded to surprise my hubby (Harold) with a card in his truck. He opened it when he got to work that morning. He immediately sent me a cute text. I just wanted him to have a great day! 
  I know...I used Sizzix again. It just makes the most awesome inside creation to the typical boring cards.
  This one was the pop n cuts love! Isnt it soooo fun?!
  I challenge you today to do a small little something for someone dear to you. You might be pleasantly surprised with thier reaction!
  Stamp ya later...

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