Sunday, February 08, 2009

Sensational Sunday!

Hello! It seems like I have not posted for weeks! Sorry! I have tried to scan a few picture of my latest cards, but am having a lot of trouble with the printer/scanner these days!Maybe it's just the user?! (probably!) I have been stamping quite a bit lately! I have purchased many many many stamps from A Muse, and am having a blast mixing and matching all of them!! Those of you who don't know what A Muse is~it is a FABULOUS stamp company from Seattle Washington! They have tiny little stamps, that are easy to color~FAST~ and adorable when completed!! Some of you may have received 1, or 2 or 12 cards with them on it!!! Any who-I will try to keep working on my scanner, to get some pictures posted on here! I promise!! On another note...many of you know, I went back to Jewel, a few months ago. We are gearing up for next Saturday's Valentines Day, in the floral Department. Yahoo, I will be glad when it's over, and I can relax!! Card MakingYeah-this is relaxing to me!!!
Until next time...
Blow Kiss Sonja

Sue-you are in my thoughts today!!!

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