Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Tuesday!

Hello! Again, it's been so long since I've posted any thing! Busy? I guess! ha ha ha Valentines day was good! It was nice to be back to a "family" oriented place of employment! I'm glad it's all over though!!
Notice the card, finally, with the house? I'm thinking of my brother and his family, as they are moving today, when he gets home from work! They bought a house, and I'm so happy for them!
I am also thinking of my sister today! She is home all day, studying, for her final exam for her Master degree! She will be testing tomorrow morning! I so wish I could be there, just for moral support! I know she will do outstanding though! She always does!!!
I'm pretty happy! I was asked if I would like to teach stamping classes at our local scrapbook/stamping store in Bloomington Illinois! I gladly agreed! It is something I have been wanting to do, for a while now! I'm sure it will be a blast!!!
Hope all is well with every one!!! Please email me, or leave a comment here! I would love to hear from you!!
Blow Kiss Sonja

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