Friday, February 27, 2009

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Happy Friday!! TGIF, huh?! No picture today~sorry! I figured getting 1 card on here, in a week, is A HUGE effort for me! :)
I was just tired of talking to my dog (Storm) today, so I thought I would ramble a bit on my blog! Sounds professional huh?! hee hee hee
Yesterday, I started to exercise again. Wow, my abs are feeling it today! I did it again, today. I'm starting out slow-20 minuets, these last 2 days. It's a start! I'm a bit disturbed, by putting on my old jeans, and sqeeeeeeeeeeeeeezing into them! Why not start back into Pilate's~Sit Up I can always have some chocolate, IMMEDIATELY after! ha ha
After exercising, I dusted the house, and vacuumed. Much needed- Poor house! I stamped 3 cards-in which, 2 of you, will be receiving soon. Who are the lucky ones???? You'll see!!
I baked some shortbread cookies too! Ive only had 1, and they are tiny!! I have to be honest-I did eat allot of dough though! Some one had to lick it off the beaters!! Don't you?!!
I should get back to stamping! I have a few to make still!!
Happy weekend to you all! May it be a happy eating weekend!!!

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