Friday, March 27, 2009


Hello all!
Wow-the weather is cold today! I thought Spring was here (wishing it more like HOT summer) How I love to walk in my back yard, and my beach in Gridley! Yes, have you seen our beach? It is beautiful! Please stop by some time, when your in the neighborhood, and check it out! The only thing it's missing, is the ocean!
Still no pics~sorry. I did create my last 2 cards for my class in April. I think they turned out pretty cute! They are posted in the shop~Scrapbook Friendz~as soon as you come in the door! (that is the place in Schnucks/Joann's/Barns & Noble, plaza. Go check em out, if your in the hood!!
Started Running on my mini trampoline this morning! I'm hoping to burn some fat today! If only it was THAT easy!! Speaking of that-we are having lasagna tonight, maybe! I'm preparing it, at least! It's the kind my Mom used to make! It is so good, and one of Harold's favorites, that I make!
Hope you all have a glorious weekend~stay warm, and do some thing fun!!! Life is too short!!

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