Friday, April 03, 2009

Have a wonderful Friday!

Happy Friday to you all!!!
I just got done, making my "famous" hot fudge! Doesn't that sound good with coffee?!! I was needing some Chocolate last night, didn't have any, and totally needing some! Tonight, IT'S ON... It's in the house!!!! Yahoooooooooooooo!!
Lots of things have happened this past week~or so it may seem! My brother and his wife, brought my new nephew, Silas Ray Schad, into this world! Congrats to the Alabama crew!! So wish I could be there to hold him! I'm sure Luke and Leah, will be GREAT "big" sibling's!
Also, getting ready to make a trip to Garland Texas. My sister is receiving her Masters degree! It's been a very long haul for her, and my brother in law!! I'm so proud of her!!!
Congrats to you too, Sis!! Thumbs Up
As for me, I'm getting ready to teach my first stamping card class! I'm super excited about this whole arrangement! Can't wait to dive in, instruct, and show the WORLD what they can accomplish, with a tiny rubbah stamp! Creative juices are flowing!! Which reminds's that time of day, when my best juices are flowing! (not from all the coffee I drink, either) hee hee hee
Please have a great day and weekend!! Be creative this week-you might surprise your self!!
xoxo Sonja Blow Kiss

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