Tuesday, April 21, 2009

another rainy day

Happy Tuesday! Wow, this is a switch, blogging on a Tuesday, huh?!
It is a damp, cold day in April. I'm off work today, and enjoying, every thing about staying in doors! I've been doing quite a lot of stamping lately! How fun is that?! It is my passion, ya know! I got a new camera phone, so there will be more pictures to share with you! Yahoooooooooo!!
Last Thursday, we had to take our baby girl, Storm, in to see the Dr. vet. She had a swelling ear, in a matter of a few days. It just kept getting larger and larger, and we didn't know the cause!! She was obviously bothered by it, and was repeatedly, shaking her head, do to the added weight on that side. The Dr. told us, it was broken blood vessels, in the middle of her ear. If we didn't do any thing, it would move to the inner ear, and cause more infection! Needless to say, she had surgery! Harold told me I would be taking her into the "vet" hospital in the morning, on my way to work the next day! I was pretty confident in that arrangement, so I thought! Wow-that was one of the hardest things, I had to do-EVER!! She has never been with out us, in her almost , 9 years!! I drove to the vets, and took her blanky in with me, filled out the paper work, for surgery. The assistant, came around the counter, and put a new leash on her, and told me to leave. Wow, wow, wow!!! I bent down and kissed her, and told her "Daddy" would be picking her up. I told the vet that she wasn't going to like me leaving, and it was going to be bad! She reassured me, they do this all the time, and we will watch you walk out and leave. WHAT EVER!!! I was walking to the door, and Storm, was watching me with those big, brown, puppy dog eyes, and as I open the door to leave, she starting in crying, and whining, and I just had to keep walking! The door was closing, and her cries got louder!! OH MY GOSH!!!! I cried the whole way to work that morning! On a happy note, she is doing great, and should have those stitches out in 10 days-6 days now! Smile

Now, on to Scrapbook Friendz news! This is the store I am currently teaching card classes at!! I have scheduled my next class for May 31st-Sunday-1:00-3:00! I will post pictures of those, when I get them completed!
Notice, I have been doing a lot of stamping lately-check out the new ones I came up with!! (below)
Have a creative day-and please leave me a comment!!!!

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