Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April 14th

Today~is a very special day!! It is my sister, Stephanie, her birthday!!! She is celebrating, I'm sure, while teaching school, in Texas!! Happy birthday sissy!! I hope you have a great day today!!
Many of you, may have remembered, or forgot, that my first card class was last night! Oh, what a wonderful time we all had!! I was doing what I LOVE to do, and hoping to teach some one else, the love too!! I had planned on 8 coming, and ended up with only 5 that showed. I love that it was small enough, to walk around, and talk and joke, and help!!! I even get paid for doing so!! How fun is that?! I don't think it gets much better than that-does it?! hee hee hee I hope I had inspired them to go home, and create, their own master-pieces!! Card MakingI'm anxious to start on the next months project now!!
Did you notice the tiny lizard above this post? Yes, it's a new addiction to our home. It goes well with the tarantula, don't you think?! I'm hoping that it keeps Storm (our dog) company, splatting against the glass, while we are gone!! Free entertainment for her! They are cute, and quick, and I pray they NEVER-EVER get out of the aquarium!!! :)
Hope all is well with you-and may you all have a warm and springy day! Don't splatter your selves on the glass!
hugs & kisses~

~Happy birthday~ once again Steph!!!

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