Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Friday, Friday, Friday, Friday, Friday!!!!
Hope you all are enjoying life today! It is gorgeous here in Illinois! I'm getting ready to go mow! Doesn't that sound fun?! NOT! I thought I would take the pressure off my darling, and do some thing to make him happy today! Maybe he will be able to enjoy his weekend!
Notice the foil on the chocolate bar-clever, I know! How cute is that?! It is so easy, with A Muse stamps...after all, that is my fav company! (like you haven't heard that before!) I love pink and brown together. They compliment each other so well! The reason there is a circle around the "IS", b/c it is popped out on the card, giving it a 3D look! Gotta love those pop ups!! Kind of reminds me of Pop UP books as a child-remember those? I giving a way my age?! hee hee hee
Any who-Have a MARVELOUS day today and weekend! Priscilla-happy vacation to you!!
Remember-when life gets you down-the cure all is: CHOCOLATE!!
~hugs for now~

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