Thursday, December 17, 2009

Good morning!!
Just wanted to share a little some thing that I've been working on for Christmas gifts this year. I call it a forever calendar. It is for birthdays and anniversaries. I used all A Muse stamps, and paper, colored in the images with Copic markers (of course) and used my Bind-it-all to "hook" it all together! I covered it, front and back using Styrene Blanks (clear plastic) to give it a professional look! Easy...just time consuming. It makes a great gift though! Oh yeah...I got the calendar down load, from A Muse too! I have 3 sizes, but they sell 4. Isn't it cute?!! Some of you who are lucky enough to see me on a regular basis, has seen this already. (you lucky gals!)
Hope all your shopping is almost done, and your just wrapping up those final things! I'm getting ready to bake now... I've really cut back this year...maybe I'm getting older, and figured I don't need it around the house...or just plain lazy this year?! It's a toss up!
Hope your holidays are coming together with no difficulties. Keep it simple and enjoy the REAL meaning this year!!
Happy Holidays~

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