Friday, March 26, 2010

Just wanted to share this card with you. It is my first EVER water (gel) card. What a fun way to give off the illusion of water! All it is, is hair gel, inside of a little baggie, sealed up tight. I know, many of you stampers have done this, cause it's been around for a long while...I finally tried it, and love the results!! Once again, it was given to a good friend of mine that is changing occupations after 10+ years! Good luck to him and hope he proceeds every goal and expectations in his life. He deserves it!!
I wish you all a glorious Friday!! Remember...take a deep breath, so we can see that the bubbles are still producing, and your still "kickin" it!!
Stamp ya later!!
p.s. the "Dad" party is less than 2 days away now...everything is going smooth!!

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