Tuesday, June 01, 2010

It's June first today, can you believe it?! IL weather is so beautiful and hot today! I'm soaking it all in, along w/ my flowers!

Take a look at some fave's of mine:

This is clematis ~right by my back door as you come into the house. Doesn't that just make you smile?! What a happy flower!!

Next, I took an old pair of work boots

and planted some sedum inside! I must be thinking "go green"!! LOL It's one of my clever thinking of container gardening!!

Now...you know I can't blog with out posting a card! Keeping w/ in this theme I created a card that often has me saying "this" every year. If you are like me, and in a hurry to get your flowers planted in pots...forgetting to keep the little tag that comes w/ them telling you WHAT it is~then this is a card for you as well!!

May your June be full of sunshine & remembrance of what you planted!! :)
~Stamp ya later~

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