Monday, October 11, 2010

Hello all!

You thought I was MIA didn't ya? I guess I kind of was for a while!!! I'm back now,

How many of you have heard of these hilarious stamps and figurines called... Dolly Mama's by joey, Inc. The stamp I got from a company called Stamps Happen, Inc. I love them! I do have to say though, you should be a little particular on who you send your cards to. She is sassy and so funny!! Don't we all need more humor in our lives?!!

This one is for a dear friend of mine that moved away. I thought I was going to get it to the post office today-until I remembered it's Columbus day and no post office is open. Kel,Tomorrow it will be on it's way!

Just look at the outfit-coloring it was so much fun!! Here is a closer look of the bag she is carrying:

Isn't this the best?!! What a great phrase for all of us to live by!! Too bad we couldn't say this to more people!! LOL
Hope your enjoying your day-those of you who have it off!! Remember the words on the bag today~& have a glorious day!!
Stamp ya later!

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