Saturday, July 09, 2011

What a beautiful summer morning it is here in central IL!! I woke up this morning, bight and early to the birds singing and sunshine peaking into our window. I love days like this!
 I feel as though, I'm finally getting a grip on my life again, and doing things that make me happy. A few years back I became good friends with a customer where I worked at the time. She made a point of doing some thing for some one ELSE every day of her life. Her sharing that with me, was exactly a turning point in my own life. I thought, how easy is that?! Don't you love to see a friends expression when you hand them a gift?!
 So, Friday tradition, I went to Starbucks drive through on my way to work. I ordered my latte, payed for it, and they handed it to me. They told me "thank you and have a good day". I then, handed 
 a card and thanked him for all they do, and told him to have a good day! His face was surprised and pleased all in one expression. Think about it-isn't that what makes the world a better place? 1 card at a time?! LOL
I hope today, you will find joy in doing for others and maybe even stating a pattern of doing so more often!
 ((Hugs)) and stamp ya later!!!

**items used in this card-sugar, latte and french roast card stock, french roast stitched grosgrain ribbon, french roast pigment ink,darling dots background stamp, the perfect blend stamp set , crystal clear glaze ,sanding block & score board**

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