Friday, October 14, 2011

Happy happy
  can you believe it's mid October already?!! It's almost time for Halloween-yahoo!! That has nothing to do with the card that I made-but just thought I would remind you how time fly's when  your havin fun! LOL
  Some of you know the infatuation I have for Chandeliers-don't know why-just love em! So...w/out further babbling-here is my card I wanted to share today w/ ya~
All the items are from A-Muse studio (of course) the back round too- On the inside of this card it reads-Life is Grand!  This card has been signed sealed and delivered...who is the lucky recipient? Guess you'll find out soon! Don't ya hate when I do that?! Really, who doesn't love surprises though!!!
Hope ya all have a "grand" day & weekend! Till next time...stamp ya later!!

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