Friday, December 16, 2011

Woot woot-it's Friday!!!!
  Did you's not too long before Christmas is here! Where does the time go  these days? Maybe it's just that I'm getting older-nahhhh...that couldn't possibly be the problem! LOL
  I'm so not a "traditional" anything-kind of gal. Never been and never will be! Ordinary and unique is me! I've never been a follower of people-more like the leader-but no one really wants to follow me too closely-ha ha ha 
 A few weeks ago, a close friend asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I pretty much have everything I want and need in my life. I answered with, "I would like to have my whole family together this year". In all reality-that wont be happening this year-but we are only a phone call & computer~ away from one another!
  In honor of non traditional...
 Here is my creation! One of the old red rubber A muse stamps.
 I've paired it up w/ shell and currant inks and added some "eye" candy to the card. I love these 2 colors together-and in real life-it does make a beautiful Poinsettia!!
  Hope you all are almost done w/ your holiday shopping and can reflect of the true meaning of why we celebrate CHRISTmas!!
  May you be surrounded w/ love ones this holiday season!!
hugs to you all and stamp ya later!

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