Monday, January 07, 2013

Good mornin to ya!
  Its  crazy IL. Weather for the new year. This week its climbing in temps & by Saturday-they are saying in the 60's!! I'll take it!!!!!
I had a wonderful holiday time with my sister. It seems like we never have enough time spent together, but make it well worth it when we are!
I found these adorable treasures for my light in my stamp room. Ya know me...i just had to create a card for it!
If you are reading this please leave a comment about the pic. Im new to blogging from my phone. Dont laugh...i know there are others...JUST like me *wink*
  Til next time...
  Stamp ya later....

1 comment:

  1. I like this card. Then again, I miss the old wood mount A Muse stamps like this one. I noticed this picture was much smaller on your blog than previous ones, but you can click to make it bigger no problem. I guess that means the phone photos work just fine!