Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Almost here

You know what day it is???? Huuump day! Happy Wednesday all!!!
  My craft desk looks like a bomb went off. If you know me...I like EVERYTHING cleaned off & ready to stamp at any given moment. This has not been the case lately. I stamp a bit...leave...come back & play more.  Craziness I tell ya...plain CRAZY!
  Any below, are just a few cards I've completed. I love having the time to play all day.
  Do u need a quick little gift or several ones? This is super simple! I made the tea light gift sample for the Paper Forest. Grab some washi tape. Wrap it around the outside  of the light that is exposed when lit. Done. Put 3 in a little bag. Tie shut with a bow or bakers twine. Waaalahhh...cut easy gift!
  Thanx for stoppin by today.  Happy holiday craftin!
    Stamp ya later-

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