Saturday, December 13, 2014

Show me the Money

Happy Saturday December 13th!
  Ya know...even though Christmas is around the corner...there are alot of birthdays in December too!
  I created this card for my hubby's  co-worker. Its his birthday today...while he is at work. Shouldnt there be a "rule" stating no matter where you work, your birthday is a paid holiday?!! LOL
  The inside of the card is a confetti flinger card. Normally my Hubby is anti confetti anything inside a card...except today! Those of you who dont know what this is- when you open the card, confetti comes flinging full force out~ at you. Its the best!!!(insert evil laugh)   The confetti I put in there...keeping with the theme is $ signs. He is celebrating tonight at the river boat. Fitting card dont you think?!
  I hope you have a lovely day today & enjoy your weekend!
Stamp ya later~

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