Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy Friday/Spring!!

Look at the first flower that popped up in my patch of weeds yesterday!! Gorgeous crocus! Spring is here!!! I even have seen a few Robbins too! When the Robbins are out, it's official that Spring is here!! Yeah right, they are calling for flippin snow flurries on Sunday. I don't care, the flip flops have come out, and I'm not about to put them away again!!! Bad Carma, bad Carma, no snow!! Hee hee Think that will help?

Like I told you I will post a card that I did using Denami Designs stamps. Granite, it's not my best work-quickly done, just to post it here. I love the little chick image's...too stinkin cute for words! Check it out-
Have a great day and weekend. Let the Sunshine's TLC, blanket you in it's ever so loving kisses!! (spoken like a true sun worshiper!!)


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