Monday, March 15, 2010

It's Monday again. Uggggghhhhh! I had such a great weekend though!!
Like I told you, I went to the Heirloom stamp convention in St. Charles, IL. My darling hubby took me! Doesn't that say a lot about him!! Mr. Wonderful!!

I sat down at several of the booths to do their make and takes. Great job to all the vendors that did this. I bought what I did, at every booth! Go figure, huh?!
One of my fav's was from StampScapes Co. Check it out:

Pretty fantastic isn't it. It took a whole 15 min too. I love the results!

I also got the *HUGE* pleasure of meeting THIS fabulous lady from Denami Designs. She was simply charming! Full of energy and excitement to meet everyone who she came across ! The stamps, are so stinkin cute too, see!!! I'll post again before the week is over, just to show you my creations!!
Hope you all are having a good day. Happy day light savings Time!! There is hope for "spring" now!!!
Stamp ya later!

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