Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hello again, and happy Thursday! 1 more day for all of you Mon-Fri~ laborers!

Check out this card I just mailed off. I know it says Happy Birthday. It is for a group I'm associated with, on the A Muse lounge.

Any who-look under the to go cup. I added some sticky stuff- embossing powder to it-and added some coffee grounds. The addressee who will be receiving it-is a huge Starbucks fan. She should be able to smell the aroma when she opens the card.
Guess creative juices were flowing this morning @ 5:30!! That is when I do my best work!!
Thanks for stopping by today. Get some caffeine in your blood stream for some creative juices of your own!
Cheers & stamp ya later!!
stamps & paper-A Muse
sticky stuff embossing powder-Judi kins

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