Sunday, May 13, 2012

 Happy Mothers day to all you wonderful woman in my life!
  I am so blessed to have such dear friends in my life...and you know who you are with out me having to list all of you! Thank you!!
  As you know, my life has been crazy busy for the last couple of months. (Hence the reason I haven't been posting as much on here!) I wouldn't change a thing either-except maybe a little more sleep...but they say no rest for the wicked-LOL!
  Today is a very special day for me,  as I'm sure it is for my sister and brother as well. I've been reminiscing about "mother's day" and am constantly reminded of how BLESSED I am and was-for having had the BEST mother in the world!! She was a great listener with a heart bigger than you can imagine! She had time to listen and just hang out with people that needed some one to talk to. Time was nothing to her when it came to people she loved! She loved everyone!!
 I was working at my second job yesterday and was pleasantly surprised when a very special customer-and long time friend stopped by JUST to see me! She purchased nothing, and only came in the store to tell me...
  She was thinking of me and wanted to give me a mothers day hug and tell me how much my mom meant to her!! How freakin sweet was that!! Talk about keeping myself together as I "retail" with customers!!!  What a heart felt weekend this has been!! 
  Then later on that day, I had 2 texts from friends. 1 was that they were thinking of me and wished they could have met my mother!  The next one was they were thinking of me, and told me that they prayed for me today!
  Again I am reminded of how God doesn't give you the people you WANT, He gives you the people you NEED to help you, hurt you, to leave you, and love you and make you the person you were meant to be!!!

Thank you to all my friends that have touched my  life in so many different ways! May you be as blessed today, as I have been with all of you in my life!
 Special hugs to all of you that only have  wonderful memories of your mother today! We will always have a piece of her with us-and no one can take that away!! Be blessed today-don't cry and smile when you think of how fortunate you are to have such wonderful memories!!!
  Luv ya~

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